1. Mee2


Do you feel your life is slipping away
Caught in a landslide with not much to say or do? Mee2
Do you wake up in the midst of the night
Tossing and turning in search of the light to break through? Mee2
Do you ever wanna give up
Do you wanna just get away
Do you ever feel like no one's really listening anyway? Mee2

Do you feel sanity slipping away
Caught in the crossfire where nothing you say gets through? Mee2
Do you know people you thought were your friends
Only to realize it's all just pretend, fake news? Mee2
Do you wish they'd just shut up
Do you wish they'd just go away
Do you ever feel like no one really cares anyway?

Does it seem like the whole world has just come unglued? 
Do you think that it's all them.....Or maybe it's you?       

Can you imagine a world with no fear
No expectations, just one purpose clear and true? Mee2
Do you believe we could live and let live
No one to judge you and everything feels brand new? Mee2
Do you wanna just rewind
Try and start all over again
Do you think we'd get it right if we knew what we were  ruinin'?     Mee2........Mee2