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Well i hope you find, you're fine, you're fine, you find
Find a little peace of mind
Just because it's what they say, they say, they say
Doesn't make it that way

Used to run now i take my time
One foot over the firing line, fire away
Tie that tongue, free that mind
Heart and soul, intertwined

You have the right to speak your mind, you mind?
It isn't a commodity
What you can't give away, away, a way
Can't be taken anyway

Free: your thoughts, Free: your mind
Them who see can still be blind
Speak the truth, speak your mind
Them who seek will surely find amnesty

Free is in your mind, and it's free....(yeah?)
Maybe in time, you'll see.......Om

Did you give your soul away, away, a way?
i Hope you get it back someday
Who led your heart astray?
How much does a conscience weigh?

They take your blood, take your pride
Love you like a suicide
Climb that hill, get that high
They cut your wings but still you fly...far away  

Well i hope you find, you're fine, you're fine, you find
Find a little honesty
If you lose your hate, your fear, your guilt, your mind
i hope it sets you free